Buyer and Seller Protection Program.

At Lokein, we protect our sellers from joy buyer for unpaid item case & refund without returning the item. For buyer side, we protect them from fraudster & scammers for issued such as item not receive & item received is not as described under Lokein Money Back Guarantee. Lokein will intervene in disputes between buyers and sellers and make things right when they have gone awry for buyers—and its a case where the seller has failed to act adequately to resolve the dispute.

Buyers that file a successful claim under the program are usually:

  1. Issued a refund from Lokein directly for the full price including postage.
  2. Required to return the unsatisfactory item back to the seller within time frame given by Lokein.
  3. In rare cases, the buyer may not be required to return the item to the seller but will be refunded anyway due to buyer did not response to the case for the settlement.
  4. Respond to messages and required actions from Lokein as the case is being processed.
  5. Return the item back to the seller if Lokein requires this step.

Buyers are eligible for a buyer protection program as long as they:

  1. Made the purchase on the Lokein site.
  2. Paid through Lokein payment gateway.
  3. Made the purchase within the 10 days preceding the claim.
  4. Have a good faith dispute with the seller.

To win a claim, Lokein must believe that the buyer fundamentally did not get what they paid for. Some examples that may surprise buyers include:

  • If you purchased a product, it was delivered in a timely fashion, and it is substantially the same as other products of the same make/model, Lokein will not refund you simply because it turns out that you’re very dissatisfied with the product.
  • Similarly, a product generally recognized to be poor in quality but seller already described properly is not likely to be refunded even if it breaks within the 10 days you have it.
  • Some used item purchase is rarely refunded for breakage even if it was originally a high-quality, brand-name item. Notably, Lokein usually rules that previous use has resulted in normal wear and tear and that buyers knowingly take a risk when buying a used item that the item may break & damage soon after purchase.

It’s worth noting that items that arrive very late after 10 days, in a condition not matching the description, or with to obvious damage or defects that were not disclosed or described in the listing, are generally 100% covered.

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