Sell to worldwide

In order for seller to sell their items to worldwide, seller is compulsory to accept Stripe payment method and offering return & refund within 45 days. The on-boarding process is simple where seller need to have a Stripe account and linked it to your Lokein seller account. Below are several steps and information for sellers to start selling their item internationally.

  1. Linking your Stripe account to your Lokein seller account (On-boarding).
  2. Process to Link your Stripe account at Stripe Page.
  3. Stripe Payouts (Withdrawal).
  4. Disputes and complaints on purchase.
  5. Refunding your customer via Stripe.
  6. All about refund (Stripe).
  7. International Seller

NOTE: User must have “Seller Account” with Lokein in order to on-board Stripe payment method.

Contact Us if you have any difficulties to link your Stripe account to Lokein.

Learn More about Stripe/contact Stripe Customer Support.

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