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Lokein’s goals is to be the safest, secure and fun online marketplace for vintage and used items enthusiasts. In order to achieve the peace of mind of our users while using Lokein’s services on the site, there are several sets of rules and regulations need to be applied on the website and apps. As a user, it is recommended that you go through all the policies that being listed here for the smoothness of usage of Lokein website and apps.

  1. Return & Refund Policy
  2. Cookie Policy
  3. Lokein’s Restricted and Prohibited Item Policy
  4. Offers to Buy Or Sell outside Lokein Policy
  5. Outage Policy
  6. Multiple Account Policy
  7. Rules for Sellers
  8. Rules for Buyers
  9. Search & Browse Manipulation Policy
  10. Keyword Spamming
  11. Duplicate Item Policy
  12. Fraud Policy
  13. Links Policy
  14. Shill Bidding Policy
  15. Seller Fee

Breaching these policies may result in:

  • Listing deletion
  • Limits placed on Account privileges
  • Account suspension and termination
  • Legal actions

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