Links Policy

Links that direct customers to a site other than Lokein are not allowed, except when linking to:

  • Information on delivery services.

  • Product videos, e.g. reviews, product demonstrations or installation.

  • Other legally required information.

This policy applies whether the link is clickable or not, and includes any attempts to direct a customer off a page. It extends to all member-created content, such as listings, Lokein Store pages and headers, seller profile pages, newsletters, images and so on.

Links that direct customers to other Lokein pages are allowed. This includes links to Lokein Messages, Lokein Articles, other Lokein items, Lokein Store pages, Follow seller features.

Any permitted links cannot direct customers to pages that encourage people to view, search or purchase items off-Lokein.

Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don’t, you may be subject to a range of actions. We may limit, restrict or suspend you from buying, selling or using site features. All of your listings may be removed, displayed lower or not shown in search results, without refunding any or all applicable fees. You may also forfeit special account status and any discounts. You may be subject to the application of fees and recovery of our expenses in policy monitoring and enforcement.

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